Two of Cups – Duality

Twos are always a representation of duality and opposing forces. I ask myself why did I draw this card? It’s not really difficult for me to figure out that this duality is present in my life right now.

I’m feeling somewhat torn bewteen wanting to hang on to my old life and trying to adapt to the extreme changes that have transpired since my cancer diagnosis in September 13th, 2018.

Cups are connected to the emotion, surrounding relationship with others or with ourselves. This is the beginging of the relationship between Eros (Love) and Psyche (Soul). And for me this is the beginning of a whole new way of living.

Eros is seen here in the Two of Cups approaching Psyche, and about to deliver her fate, her imminent death, ordered by Aphrodite, for Eros to follow through on. However he inadvertently pricks himself with the intended arrow, meant for Psyche, and unexpectedly falls head over heels in love with Psyche, which changes everything for both of them, and things will never be the same, as they can not go back to the way things were.

Many situations in life we often expect to unfold one way, when suddenly in a complete twist of fate, and circumstance, everything seems to conspire against us and throws us in a completely different direction.

We have a choice in deciding how to cope with this new situation in the way of either a reaction or response. Initially we react with some kind of emotion as it’s only normal. It’s a shock to the system and we need time to adjust. Hopefully once we manage to get a grip on ourselves we can use decernment in how we decide what to do in response. Personally I think it’s better just to pause, try to find our center and take in just what has happened if we can.

Always something is lost, but their is also something to be gained in every situation in our lives. But not all is lost and no doubt much is to be gained, in ways that are totally unexpected and are completly unknown, as we are unaware of never have been in a situation such as this.

Psyche is totally in the dark and has absolutely no idea what Eros has been ordered to do, and what is going to take place in the immediate future. Psyche right now unknowingly loves Eros, but has given up in thinking that love or life for her, will ever come to fruition. as what she believes awaits her is a monster about to take her life, with no way out. It appears to be a hopeless scenario.  But nothing or no one is ever hopeless. There is always hope, even for those who appear hopeless.

And so when suddenly the circumstance for Eros and Psyche has changed as a result of that one arrow, resulting in Eros fallng in love with Psyche, now all bets are off, and everything has changed in an instant and not everything is as it appears on the surface. We need to look below the surface and with this comes acceptance and appreciation for how things have changed and we must accept our new  reality so we can find serenity.