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Every time Melissa Cynova puts out a newsletter, I become green with envy. She has a way, a style, a je ne sais quoi to her voice. It sounds effortless. And she puts one out every week.

Meanwhile I’ve been struggling to get my newsletter out on time once a month… and my mid-month newsletters have fast become a thing of the past, simply because of the massive effort it takes me to put out one, let alone two.

Also, every time I sit down to write a newsletter, I become Hilary, Tarot Robot, instead of just plain Hilary, writing to a friend. My “listen heres” fast become “timeslots are going fast” and I want to tear my hair out because it just doesn’t sound like ME. Blarg. And I don’t know what to do about it… except what I just mentioned, which is imagining writing this to a friend. And if you’re already in my orbit and reading this, consider yourself a friend that I just haven’t met yet (if we indeed haven’t met!). Cool? Cool.

So if you haven’t guessed already, putting out a newsletter on a semi-regular basis is hard. We even recorded a Cardslingers Coast to Coast podcast episode about it (coming out in a few months). Hopefully we gave a few good tips in there. But in case you can’t wait, here’s some things I learned:

  1. Keep it consistent. For example, don’t send out a newsletter once, and expect the money or bookings to come rolling in. Start with a posting schedule that works for you, and allow it to evolve as your schedule evolves or changes. And be clear about your posting schedule to your subscribers. Don’t promise a weekly newsletter and then not deliver. Manage expectations by actually speaking those expectations aloud to the universe…. AND your subscribers. Some people send newsletters twice a year, and that schedule works for them. Others do monthly, or bi-monthy. Do what works for you, but let people know that that’s what you’re doing. And then you know… actually do it. Consistency is sexy.
  2. I’ve been sending out a newsletter at least once a month (pretty much) for the last ten years. A few years ago I wanted to feature some of my latest blog posts, so I started sending out a second newsletter mid-month with a portion of the blog, and directing back to my website. So my posting schedule became the 1st and the 15th of the month. In the time of COVID, that 15th of the month disappeared, and I was back to once a month… if I was lucky! But truthfully, luck has nothing to do with it: I slacked off. And that’s okay. Ever been too hard on yourself during a pandemic? (raises hand) In short: be consistent (see number 1) but also don’t chastise yourself when you need to change the schedule. Allow your posting schedule, and hell, your newsletter, to evolve in much the same way you do.
  3. Talk like a human being! Don’t be a robot… and keep a weather eye on when you start to fall into writing that way. Write in the way that you would speak to your bestie that’s interested in whatever you cover in your newsletter. This actually could be super-easier for me if I just envision talking to my actual best friend who is a 1. High priestess, 2. Massage therapist, 3. Medium, and 4. Tarot card reader. So that advice? Take it and use it if it helps you. If you can’t think of anyone to envision, envision your best client! That whole spiel about Ideal Client Avatars, while boring and something I hate to do, has some merit to it. If you can’t envision who you’re talking to or writing to… why ya doing it?

That’s all the tips I can think of right now. I have to run to get ready for a new client for a phone reading. Did I mention I’m still doing readings? Yup, sure am: but they’re solely phone, skype, or email readings for now. I had hoped to open back up in person readings in the new year… but we’re not there yet, folks. I’ll let ya know when that happens. But I promise that “distance readings” are just as good… if not better!


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HILARY PARRY HAGGERTY is a tarot reader, witch, mentor, editor, and teacher. She has been reading tarot for over 21 years (13 years professionally). She was the winner of Theresa Reed’s (The Tarot Lady) Tarot Apprentice contest in 2011, and has taught classes on tarot and spell-work at The Tarot School’s annual tarot conference Readers Studio and at Brid’s Closet Beltane Festival. She writes a weekly blog on tarot at her website www.tarotbyhilary.com and has been featured in Maxim Magazine and BuzzFeed.

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