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Yesterday I woke up with a full-on migraine. I don’t get migraines very often, but my husband gets both migraines and cluster headaches… so he’s well-versed in what to do.

Calling in sick to work wasn’t an option, what with remote working and a tight deadline, so he instructed me to take a nap for lunch and that he’d wake me up in an hour. 

I slipped on my sleep mask that I had gotten from Delta (extras left over from our big trip to Denmark and the Baltic Sea Cruise back in 2019) to block out the light, and vaguely wished that Dave had ordered me my Christmas gift, a set of Dormi headphones. I had said no rush on prezzies, but I was living to regret it.

An hour later, a gentle nudge of my leg, thrown carelessly outside of the blankets, brought me awake. “Honey? It’s 2:30. Time to wake up.”

The migraine? Still present, but slightly lessened in strength. I was able to return to my computer and finish out the day, and had toast with cheese for lunch (it was the type of migraine that made me nauseated).

In the evening, I asked myself if I was going to skip my daily yoga that I’ve been keeping up since January 1st, following along with Yoga with Adriene’s youtube channel and her 30 day yoga journey.

Day 13. The practice was called “Feel.” She keeps saying that the hardest part is getting yourself to the mat. Did I really want to do yoga with a migraine? Not really. But would I feel worse if I missed a day of something that was becoming a very good habit? Probably yes.

I gave myself an out, but I didn’t take it. I resolved to at least try, and if I couldn’t make it to the end of the practice that day, at least I had attempted it.

Adriene was right. Once I was on the mat, I was focused on the breath, and flowing gently through the poses.

And by the end of the practice when we say Namaste, the migraine had dissipated. I don’t even know when it went.

It is now Day 14 in the journey, and she sent writing prompts prior to the halfway mark. Want to do them with me?

So far my experience is best described as….

I am learning to honor… 

I am learning to celebrate….

I felt/I am feeling…

These are great questions to ask yourself even if you’re not doing a yoga practice.

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