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The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

unseen problems, voluntary changes, trust your intuition

The Moon Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

clarity, the truth is revealed, a message in your dreams
Major Arcana

A Description of The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon. Some eighteenth-century cards shew the luminary on its waning side; in the debased edition of Etteilla, it is the moon at night in her plen- itude, set in a heaven of stars; of recent years the moon is shewn on the side of her increase. In nearly all presentations she is shining brightly and shedding the moisture of fertilizing dew in great drops. Beneath there are two towers, between which a path winds to the verge of the horizon. Two dogs, or alternatively a wolf and dog, are baying at the moon, and in the foreground there is water, through which a crayfish moves towards the land.