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The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

focused creatvity, turning visions into reality, inspired action

The Magician Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

scattered energy, wasting resources, unfulfilled potential
Major Arcana

A Description of The Magician Tarot Card

The Magus, Magician, or Juggler, the caster of the dice and mountebank, in the world of vulgar trickery. This is the colportage interpretation, and it has the same correspondence with the real symbolical meaning that the use of the Tarot in fortune-telling has with its mystic construction according to the secret science of symbolism. I should add that many independent students of the subject, following their own lights, have produced individual sequences of meaning in respect of the Trumps Major, and their lights are sometimes suggestive, but they are not the true lights. For example, Éliphas Lévi says that the Magus signifies that unity which is the mother of numbers; others say that it is the Divine Unity; and one of the latest French commentators considers that in its general sense it is the will.