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Justice Tarot Card

Justice Tarot Card

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

cause and effect, win-win solutions, the truth comes out

Justice Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

dishonesty, unfairness, bigotry, legal problems, lawsuits
Major Arcana

A Description of Justice Tarot Card

Justice. That the Tarot, though it is of all reasonable antiquity, is not of time immemorial, is shewn by this card, which could have been presented in a much more archaic manner. Those, however, who have gifts of discernment in matters of this kind will not need to be told that age is in no sense of the essence of the consideration; the Rite of Closing the Lodge in the Third Craft Grade of Masonry may belong to the late eighteenth century,but the fact signifies nothing; it is still the summary of all the instituted and official Mysteries. The female figure of the eleventh card is said to be Astræa, who personified the same virtue and is represented by the same symbols. This goddess notwithstanding, and notwithstanding the vulgarian Cupid, the Tarot is not of Roman mythology, or of Greek either. Its presentation of Jus- tice is supposed to be one of the four cardinal virtues included in the se- quence of Greater Arcana; but, as it so happens, the fourth emblem is want- ing, and it became necessary for the commentators to discover it at all costs. They did what it was possible to do, and yet the laws of research have never succeeded in extricating the missing Persephone under the form of Prudence. Court de Gebelin attempted to solve the difficulty by a tour de force, and believed that he had extracted what he wanted from the symbol of the Hanged Man wherein he deceived himself. The Tarot has, therefore, its Justice, its Temperance also and its Fortitude, but— owing to a curious omission—it does not offer us any type of Prudence, though it may be admitted that, in some respects, the isolation of the Hermit, pursuing a solitary path by the light of his own lamp, gives, to those who can receive it, a certain high counsel in respect of the via prudentice.