Chapter 1. The Psychic and Magnetic Influence of Talismans and Gems
Chapter 2. Talismans of Primitive Races—The Axe—Arrow-head—The Swastika—The Serpent—The Interlaced Triangles.
Chapter 3. The Tau Cross—Aum Ma Ni Pad Me Hum—Indian Talismans—Ganesa the Elephant-headed—Hangman the Monkey God—The Eight Glorious Emblems of Buddha—The Wheel of Life—The Conch Shell—The Two Fishes—The Lucky Diagram—The Lotus—The Frog—The Three Gems.
Chapter 4. Talisman for Wisdom—Buddha’s Footprints—The Dorje—Knots—Chinese Talismans—The Trigrams—The Five Bats—The Goose—Stork—Pine Tree—Peach—Lucky Sentence—The Phoenix—The Dragon—Horse Hoof—Siva’s Charm—The
Money Sword—Red in Talismans—The Lock—Bells—The Tortoise—The Tiger—Pigs—The Black Cat.
Chapter 5. The Pear Charm—”Show Fu”—Jade—The Blue Gown for Longevity—Japanese—The-Tiger—Wolf—Fox—The Thunder, Fire, and Echo—The Fan of Power—Hotei, the God of Contentment—The Eagle—The Millet Dumpling—Carp—Sacred Dog—Stork—Tortoise—Crane—Child’s Hand—Mitsu-Domoe—Hammer of Daikoku—The Keys—Anchor—Crystal Ball—Leaf Talisman—Ota-fu-ku—Bow—Temple at Ise.
Chapter 6. Egyptian Beliefs—Crux Ansata—The Menat—The Two Plumes—The Single Plume—The Nefer—The Cartouche—The Angles and Plummet—The God Bes—Aper—The Tat—The Heart.
Chapter 7. The Buckle of the Girdle of Isis—The Scarab—The Eye of Osiris—The Two Fingers—The Collar—The Hawk—The Sma—The Ladder and Steps—The Snake’s Head—The Serpent—The Sun’s Disc—The Frog—The Fish—The Vulture—The Sa, or Tie.
Chapter 8. Gnosticism—Abraxas—Sacred Names—Khnoubis—The Seven Vowels—The Magic Symbols—The Archangels—Lion-headed Serpent—Aum—The Ineffable Name—Horus—Osiris—Isis—Etruscan, Greek, and Roman—The Crescent Symbol—The Horseshoe—Tusk, or Horn—Stable Keys—Amalthæa’s Horn, or Cornucopia—Serapis—Bull’s Head—Diana—Harpokrates—Anubis—Bellerophon—Salus Ring—Hygiea.
Chapter 9. The Bulla—The Tusk—Pine Cone—The Frog—Skull of an Ass—Key Talismans—Grylli, or Chimeræ—Goat—The Ox—Lion—Eagle—The Caduceus—Mercury—Health Rings—Boar’s Head—Clenched Hand—Open Hand—Figured Hands—The Lizard—The Spider—The Fish—Snails.
Chapter 10. The Orient—The Koran—Jochebed—Bead Necklaces—Mashallah—Hassan and Hussein—Hand of the Lady Fatima—Five Principal Commandments—Zufur Tukiah—Nasiree—Gadiri—Mohammed—Merzoum—The Diamond—Cube of Amber—Scorpion-charming—Early Christian and Mediæval Talismans—Clement of Alexandria—The Fish—Dag—Palm Branch—The Ship—Sacred Monogram—Shen Constantine the Great—Thoth—The Cross—Household Cross—Yucatan—Hand and Cross—Wheel Cross.
Chapter 11. The Agnus Dei—The Coventry Ring—Ananizapta—Tau Cross—Cross of St.Benedict—Byzantine Ring—Simsum Ring—Abracadabra—Pentalpha, Pentacle, Pentagram, or Five-pointed Star—The Kabala—The Table of Jupiter—The Ten Divine Names—The Planetary Angels—The Agla—Dr. Dee.
Chapter 12. Tetragrammaton—Phylactery—Talismans against all mischiefs, the Magus—Venus Talisman—Totaphoth—Abraxas—Eye of a Cock—Bells—Gargoyles—Cramp Rings—Blessing of Rings—Musseltaub—Posie Rings—Gemmel Rings—Zodiacal Rings—The Signs of the Zodiac in Rhyme—General Talismans—The Lee Penny—Crystal—The Moon Talismans—Peacock—Juno—Fire Talismans—Gold Nugget—Coins—Card Talismans—Badger’s Tooth—Four-leaved Clover.
Chapter 1. Aries—The Ram
Chapter 2. Taurus—The Bull
Chapter 3. Gemini—The House Of The Twins
Chapter 4. Cancer—The House Of The Crab
Chapter 5. Leo—The House Of The Lion
Chapter 6. Virgo—The House Of The Virgin
Chapter 7. Libra—The House Of The Balance
Chapter 8. Scorpio—The House Of The Scorpion
Chapter 9. Sagittarius—The House Of The Archer
Chapter 10. Capricorn—The House Of The Goat
Chapter 11. Aquarius—The House Of The Water-Bearer
Chapter 12. Pisces—The House Of The Fishes
Real And Artificial Gems And How To Test And Select Them

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