Divination, Or How To Obtain Knowledge Of Future Events
How To Receive Oracles By Dreams
Dreams, Tokens, And Insights Into Futurity
The Witch’s Chain
Love’s Cordial
Love Letters
Magic Rose
Lucky And Unlucky Days, Etc.
Metragrammatism, Or The Art Of Fortune-Telling By Transposition Of Names
Days Of The Week
Secrets Of Black Magic Revealed
Talismans, Charms, Spells And Incantations
Popular Superstitions
Folk-Lore Of Pins
Dreams That Come True
Murder Revealed
Lucky Dreams
Dionysius’ Vision
Observations Concerning The Eyes
The Silent Language
How To Write Love Letters Secretly
The Way To Get Rich And Live Happy In The Marriage State
How To Be A Spirit Medium
Secret Method Of Mesmerism How To Hypnotize
How To Perform The Davenport Brothers “Spirit Mysteries”
Electrical Psychology
How To Make Persons At A Distance Think Of You
How To Charm Those Whom You Meet And Love
Writing On The Arm

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