Chapter 1. Concerning The Origin Of The Philosophers’ Stone
Chapter 2. Wherein Is Declared The Greeks Drew A Large Part Of Their Learning From The Egyptians; And How It Came From Them To Us
Chapter 3. What Was Taught In The Schools Of The Egyptians
Chapter 4. What Magi The Chaldeans, Persians, And Egyptians Were
Chapter 5. Concerning The Chief And Supreme Essence Of Things
Chapter 6. Concerning The Different Errors As To Its Discovery And Knowledge
Chapter 7. Concerning The Errors Of Those Who Seek The Stone In Vegetables
Chapter 8. Concerning Those Who Have Sought The Stone In Animals
Chapter 9. Concerning Those Who Have Sought The Stone In Minerals
Chapter 10. Concerning Those Who Have Sought The Stone And Also Particulars In Minerals
Chapter 11. Concerning The True And Perfect Special Arcanum Of Arsenic For The White Tincture
Chapter 12. General Instruction Concerning The Arcanum Of Vitriol And The Red Tincture To Be Extracted From It
Chapter 13. Special Instruction Concerning The Process Of Vitriol For The Red Tincture
Chapter 14. Concerning The Secrets And Arcana Of Antimony, For The Red Tincture, With A View To Transmutation
Chapter 15. Concerning The Projection To Be Made By The Mystery And Arcanum Of Antimony
Chapter 16. Concerning The Universal Matter Of The Philosophers’ Stone
Chapter 17. Concerning The Preparation Of The Matter For The Philosophic Stone
Chapter 18. Concerning Instruments And The Philosophic Vessel

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