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Watermelon Tourmaline

Crystal Appearance

Watermelon Tourmaline is a unique variety of tourmaline that received its name due to its distinct coloration, reminiscent of a watermelon’s vibrant hues. The crystal typically appears as a long, slender prism with a hexagonal cross-section. Its outer layer showcases a vibrant green coloration, resembling the rind of a watermelon. Within this green layer lies a core of pink or sometimes red, resembling the juicy, inner flesh of the fruit. The transition between the two colors is usually well-defined and occurs in a beautiful gradient, evoking a captivating visual resemblance to an actual watermelon.

Crystal Rarity

Very rare gemstone.

Crystal Colour(s)

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    In esoteric traditions, Watermelon Tourmaline is a highly revered gemstone that carries profound symbolic meanings. This stone is believed to energetically bridge the gap between the heart and higher spiritual realms, offering a harmonious blend of love, compassion, and spiritual insight. The swirling mix of green and pink colors present in Watermelon Tourmaline is thought to represent the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms, as well as the balance between attributes associated with the heart chakra and the higher chakras. It is often said to promote emotional healing, enhance intuition, and foster a deep connection with the divine. Watermelon Tourmaline is regarded as a stone that brings balance, unity, and spiritual growth, making it a powerful tool for those seeking to explore inner truths and expand their consciousness.

    How to use

    In esoteric traditions, Watermelon Tourmaline is believed to possess powerful metaphysical properties and is considered a stone of balance, harmony, and emotional healing. Its unique combination of pink and green colors is said to align the heart and root chakras, providing a bridge between personal and universal love. Watermelon Tourmaline is thought to promote feelings of compassion, self-love, and trust, while also providing protection against negative energies and promoting emotional stability. It is believed to calm the mind, ease anxiety and fear, and stimulate joy, happiness, and serenity. This stone is often used in energy healing practices to soothe and heal emotional wounds, foster a sense of peace and tranquility, and enhance one’s ability to navigate relationships and emotional challenges with grace and understanding.


    Watermelon Tourmaline is not associated with a specific birth month. Birthstones are typically assigned to each month of the year, and Watermelon Tourmaline is not one of the designated birthstones. However, it is a popular gemstone known for its unique coloration that resembles the layers of a watermelon. It is often used to promote harmony, balance, and emotional healing, making it a sought-after stone for its metaphysical properties.

    Benefits of

    Watermelon Tourmaline, known for its distinct green and pink hues, holds various benefits according to esoteric traditions. This unique crystal is believed to possess the power of both green and pink tourmaline, thereby combining their individual properties. Green tourmaline is associated with healing, growth, and vitality, while pink tourmaline is connected to love, compassion, and emotional healing. Watermelon Tourmaline harmonizes these energies, promoting the balance of emotions, enhancing the flow of loving energy, and supporting the healing and rejuvenation of both the physical and emotional bodies. It is often sought after in esoteric practices for its abilities to deepen the connection to the heart and encourage emotional well-being.


    According to esoteric traditions, Watermelon Tourmaline is believed to be a protective stone that promotes a sense of calm and emotional balance. It is said to create a protective shield around the wearer, shielding them from negative energies and promoting positivity. This stone is also thought to enhance one’s intuitive abilities, allowing them to trust their own instincts and make wise decisions. Watermelon Tourmaline is believed to bring a sense of harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit, allowing one to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

    How to cleanse

    To cleanse a Watermelon Tourmaline crystal, there are a few methods you can choose from. One effective way is to place the crystal under running water, allowing it to wash away any negative energy it may have accumulated. You can also smudge the crystal by passing it through the smoke of sage or palo santo, both of which have purifying properties. Another option is to bury the crystal in the Earth for a day or two, allowing it to grounding and recharge. Remember to trust your intuition when choosing the cleansing method that feels most appropriate for your Watermelon Tourmaline crystal.

    Locations of

    Watermelon Tourmaline is a unique variety of tourmaline that exhibits multiple colors within a single crystal, resembling the colors of a watermelon. It is primarily found in various locations around the world, including: 1. Brazil: Brazil is one of the major sources of Watermelon Tourmaline. The State of Minas Gerais, particularly the region of Coronel Murta, is known for producing high-quality Watermelon Tourmaline. 2. United States: Some of the states within the United States are known for their Watermelon Tourmaline deposits. Maine, California, and New Hampshire are notable locations where this gemstone is found. 3. Nigeria: Nigeria is a significant source of Watermelon Tourmaline. The gemstone is known to occur in the Jos Plateau region of the country. 4. Mozambique: Watermelon Tourmaline has been found in limited quantities in Mozambique, particularly in the Alto Ligonha District. 5. Afghanistan: Afghanistan is known for its diverse range of gemstones, including Watermelon Tourmaline. The gem has been mined in the Nuristan Province. 6. Madagascar: Watermelon Tourmaline has been discovered in Madagascar, mainly in the southern regions such as the Antsakoamanondro and Vatovavy-Fitovinany regions. These are some of the primary locations where Watermelon Tourmaline can be found, but it may also occur in smaller quantities in other countries with tourmaline deposits.

    Healing Properties of

    Watermelon Tourmaline, a captivating and rare variety of tourmaline, is renowned for its powerful healing properties. This mesmerizing stone harmonizes the energies of the heart and root chakras, fostering a profound sense of love, compassion, and grounding. The combination of green and pink hues enhances emotional balance, allowing individuals to find solace, peace, and inner strength during turbulent times. Watermelon Tourmaline emits a revitalizing energy that rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. It is believed to cleanse and purify the heart, dispelling negative emotions such as fear, anger, and resentment. This gemstone encourages self-love, compassion towards oneself and others, and fosters a deep sense of trust and security. Physically, Watermelon Tourmaline is said to stimulate the immune system, enhance the circulatory system, and alleviate stress and anxiety. Its connection to the earth’s energy promotes grounding and stability, facilitating personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual development.

    Types of

    Watermelon Tourmaline is a unique variety of Tourmaline that exhibits two or more distinct colors within a single crystal. It is named after its resemblance to a slice of watermelon, with a green outer layer and a pink or red core. Here are some specific types of Watermelon Tourmaline crystals: 1. Green Outer Layer with Pink Core: This is the most common type of Watermelon Tourmaline, with a vibrant green color on the outer layer and a pink or pale red core. 2. Green Outer Layer with Red Core: In this variation, the outer layer is green, but the core is a deeper shade of red. These specimens often have a striking contrast between the green and red colors. 3. Pink Outer Layer with Green Core: Less commonly seen, this type features a pink or pale red outer layer and a green core. The contrast between the two colors can be quite beautiful. 4. Pink Outer Layer with Red Core: In some cases, the outer layer is pink, and the core is a darker shade of red, resulting in a stunning Watermelon Tourmaline crystal with a pink-to-red gradient. 5. Tri-color Watermelon Tourmaline: This type of Watermelon Tourmaline displays three distinct colors within the crystal. It can have a green outer layer, a pink middle layer, and a red or pink core, creating a captivating tri-color effect. It’s important to note that the exact color combinations can vary within each type of Watermelon Tourmaline crystal, and the intensity of colors can also differ from specimen to specimen.


    Watermelon Tourmaline is a unique and vibrant gemstone that is highly valued in the world of jewelry. Its name comes from its striking resemblance to a watermelon, with its green outer layer and pink/red center. The gemstone is known for its unique color combination, which makes it visually appealing and sought-after by jewelry enthusiasts. Watermelon Tourmaline is often used in jewelry due to its captivating appearance and the overall positive energy it is believed to possess. Wearing Watermelon Tourmaline jewelry can be seen as a way to showcase one’s individuality and appreciation for natural beauty. The gemstone is often incorporated into various types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. One example of how Watermelon Tourmaline might be worn is in the form of a pendant necklace. Wearing a Watermelon Tourmaline pendant close to the heart can represent love, compassion, and emotional well-being. The wearer might choose this gemstone for its soothing and calming properties, believed to help in managing emotions and promoting a sense of tranquility. Additionally, the vibrant color combination of Watermelon Tourmaline makes it a statement piece that can enhance any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the wearer’s style. In conclusion, the use of Watermelon Tourmaline in jewelry allows individuals to express their individuality and appreciation for nature’s beauty. The gemstone’s captivating colors and positive energy make it a popular choice among jewelry enthusiasts. Whether worn as a pendant necklace, ring, or any other form of jewelry, this gemstone is chosen for its visual appeal and the perceived emotional well-being it brings.


    Watermelon Tourmaline is often associated with both the Heart chakra and the Root chakra. The Green part of the stone is associated with the Heart chakra, which is located at the center of the chest. The Heart chakra governs love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional healing. It helps to balance and open the heart, allowing for both giving and receiving love. The Pink or Watermelon part of the stone is associated with the Root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The Root chakra is responsible for grounding, stability, and a sense of security. It helps to establish a strong foundation and connection with the physical world. Thus, the Watermelon Tourmaline stone is believed to simultaneously align and activate both the Heart and Root chakras, promoting a balanced flow of energy between these centers. It can assist in healing emotional wounds, fostering self-love, and enhancing feelings of security and stability in one’s life.