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Crystal Appearance

Iolite, also known as water sapphire or Vikings’ compass, is a striking gemstone that captivates with its subtle yet mesmerizing appearance. With a translucent quality, iolite often presents a range of vibrant colors, predominantly ranging from a deep violet-blue to a steely grayish-blue hue. Its color intensity is known for shifting when viewed from different angles, showcasing remarkable pleochroism. This gemstone’s smooth and lustrous surface often magnifies its inner glow, making it appear as if it holds a piece of the sky within its depths. Iolite’s unique coloring and ethereal allure make it a truly enchanting gem.

Crystal Rarity

Uncommon but not extremely rare.

Crystal Colour(s)

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    According to esoteric traditions, Iolite is often revered for its metaphysical properties and spiritual significance. It is believed to possess a profound connection to the Third Eye chakra, enhancing intuition, insight, and spiritual vision. Iolite is said to facilitate communication with higher realms, aiding in accessing deeper levels of consciousness and promoting inner exploration and self-reflection. It has been utilized as a tool for meditation and psychic development, enabling individuals to connect with their inner selves and cultivate a higher awareness of their true purpose and path. Iolite is also believed to support inner healing by assisting in releasing emotional blockages, stimulating the flow of energy, and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. Thus, in esoteric traditions, Iolite is regarded as a stone of spiritual growth, aiding individuals in their personal and metaphysical journeys towards enlightenment and self-realization.

    How to use

    According to esoteric traditions, Iolite is believed to possess several uses and properties for those who embrace its energy. It is often considered a stone of inner vision and spiritual growth. Iolite is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, assisting individuals in accessing their higher consciousness and connecting with their spiritual guides. It is also believed to facilitate inner transformation and personal growth by helping to release ingrained patterns or behaviors that hinder spiritual progress. Additionally, Iolite is thought to stimulate the Third Eye chakra, promoting clarity of thought, creativity, and deepening one’s understanding of their life purpose. It may aid in meditation, allowing for a deeper connection with one’s higher self and the spiritual realm.


    Iolite is the birthstone for the month of September.

    Benefits of

    Iolite, also known as the “Vikings’ Compass”, holds considerable significance in esoteric traditions. It is believed to have various benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. One of the primary attributes of Iolite is its ability to enhance one’s intuitive abilities and spiritual insight. It is considered a stone of vision, aiding in strengthening and expanding psychic abilities, intuition, and inner knowing. By working with Iolite, individuals may experience enhanced clarity, deepened meditation practices, and a heightened sense of inner wisdom, ultimately leading to personal growth and spiritual development.


    Yes, according to esoteric traditions, Iolite is considered a protective stone. It is said to have the power to shield and protect its wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks. Additionally, Iolite is believed to enhance inner strength, provide clarity of thought, and promote spiritual growth. By working with the energies of Iolite, individuals may experience a heightened sense of intuition and inner wisdom, enabling them to navigate through challenging situations with greater resilience and protection.

    How to cleanse

    To cleanse an Iolite crystal, there are several methods to choose from. One simple way is to place the crystal under running water for a few minutes, visualizing the water element washing away any negative energies. Another method involves leaving the crystal outside under the moonlight, particularly during a full moon, to allow the lunar energy to rejuvenate and purify it. Additionally, you can bury the crystal in the earth for a day or two, allowing the earth’s grounding energy to cleanse and revitalize it. Remember to set your intention for cleansing, focusing on clearing any unwanted energies and restoring the crystal’s natural vibration.

    Locations of

    Iolite, also known as “water sapphire” or “Vikings’ compass,” is found in several locations around the world. Some notable sources include: 1. India: Iolite deposits are found in several regions of India, including the states of Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. 2. Madagascar: The Ambatondrazaka District in Madagascar is known for producing high-quality iolite. 3. Brazil: Iolite can be found in several Brazilian states, such as Minas Gerais and Bahia. 4. Sri Lanka: Known for its gemstone industry, Sri Lanka produces iolite in regions like Ratnapura and Elahera. 5. Australia: Iolite can be found in Australia, particularly in New South Wales and Tasmania. 6. Namibia: Some iolite deposits have been found in Namibia, mainly in the Erongo Region. It’s important to note that while these locations have known iolite deposits, the availability and quality of the gemstone can vary. Additionally, iolite can be found in smaller quantities in other countries around the world.

    Healing Properties of

    Iolite, also known as the “Viking stone” or “Water Sapphire,” is renowned for its exceptional healing properties. This beautiful gemstone is believed to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Iolite is often associated with the Third Eye chakra, promoting intuition, clarity, and inner vision. It is believed to assist in accessing and understanding subconscious thoughts and patterns, aiding in self-discovery and personal growth. This gemstone is also thought to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting mental and emotional well-being. Physically, Iolite is believed to strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism, and support the healing of the respiratory system. Overall, Iolite’s healing properties are said to bring balance, peace, and harmony to the mind, body, and soul, making it a valuable tool in holistic healing practices.

    Types of

    In the realm of esotericism and crystal healing, Iolite is typically known for its soothing and balancing properties. While different types of Iolite crystals may not exist per se, there are variations in color and quality that can affect the energy and metaphysical properties of the stone. Here are a few examples: 1. Blue Iolite: This is the most common variety of Iolite, featuring a deep blue or violet-blue hue. Blue Iolite is associated with enhancing intuition, accessing higher knowledge, and increasing spiritual awareness. 2. Sunstone Iolite: Sunstone Iolite is a combination of Iolite and Sunstone, creating a unique crystal that carries the properties of both stones. It is believed to bring joy, vitality, and enhance creativity. 3. Water Sapphire: Another name for Iolite is “Water Sapphire” due to its resemblance to blue sapphire. This name emphasizes its connection to the element of water and its calming, soothing energies. 4. Visionary Iolite: Some Iolite crystals are referred to as “Visionary Iolite” due to the belief that it enhances and clarifies visions, dreams, and personal insight. This type is often favored by those seeking clarity in their spiritual journeys. Remember that the energetic properties of crystals can be subjective, and personal experiences with the stone may vary. It is always beneficial to trust your own intuition when working with crystals and choose the ones that resonate with you most.


    Iolite, also known as “the Viking compass stone,” has been used in jewelry for both its aesthetic appeal and its metaphysical properties. This gemstone is primarily known for its striking blue-violet color, which ranges from deep sapphire blue to light violet tones. Its unique hue makes it an attractive choice for various types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The wearer of iolite jewelry may choose it for several reasons. One significant factor is its spiritual significance and energy-enhancing properties. Iolite is believed to stimulate and balance the third eye chakra, enhancing one’s intuition, inner vision, and spiritual growth. It is often worn by those seeking clarity, truth, and guidance in their lives. This gemstone is considered to have a calming effect on the mind, promoting a positive mindset and aiding in emotional healing. As for how iolite jewelry might be worn, it can complement a range of personal styles and occasions. For example, a pair of iolite stud earrings can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a formal outfit or enhance the simplicity of a casual attire. A pendant necklace featuring an iolite gemstone can be worn as a statement piece, drawing attention to the wearer’s neckline and adding a pop of color to any ensemble. On the other hand, iolite rings can be worn as fashion accessories or as meaningful birthstone jewelry for those born in September. Ultimately, the wearer’s choice of iolite jewelry can be influenced by the gemstone’s beauty, spiritual meanings, and its ability to promote a sense of balance and clarity. Whether for its aesthetic appeal or its metaphysical properties, iolite can hold deep personal significance for those who choose to adorn themselves with this enchanting gem.


    Iolite is often associated with the third eye chakra, which is located in the center of the forehead, just above the space between the eyebrows. The third eye chakra is connected to intuition, perception, and higher consciousness. Using iolite to stimulate and balance this chakra can enhance one’s psychic abilities, spiritual insight, and clarity of thought. It can also assist in mental and emotional healing, helping to release blockages and promote self-awareness.