We don’t get enough sleep and this affects all aspects of our lives. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), lists a number of health conditions that can be influenced by sleep. We become more irritable, less focused, overwhelmed, and depressed if we don’t get enough rest. The earth has given us Healing Stones which emit frequencies that help us achieve a relaxed mind and better sleep.


People suffering from insomnia or depression may not be aware of the benefits crystals have on their health. When choosing crystals or stones for stress relief and better sleeping, it is important to understand their benefits.

According to energy healers, crystals and stones can be used to relax and solve sleep problems. They can be placed near or under your mattress, underneath your pillow, or used to do relaxation techniques.

One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s rest is to place crystals and stones near your bed. They are believed to emit specific vibrations that correspond with the sleep cycle.

These crystals are believed to be the best for sleeping. They are said to promote relaxation and good sleep.


Amethyst, a powerful healing gemstone, is well-known for its ability to purify the mind and clear it from any negative thoughts. This includes stress and anxiety. It also gives you a feeling of calmness, peace, and tranquility. This gemstone is also said to be able to heal emotional wounds and strengthen the owner’s intuition. It stimulates imagination and helps to put thoughts into action. Amethyst crystal is perfect for improving meditation, sleep quality and headaches. It has strong healing and cleansing powers. Amethyst is a stone that promotes tranquility and positive energy.


Celestite, a stone that is associated with angels, can be used to focus communication with guardian angels. Blue Celestite helps us to stop worrying about our lives. Blue Celestite is a stone of peace that calms the emotional body. It can cool fiery emotions and temper distress when it becomes overwhelming. It is a gentle, soft energy that will dissipate all worries. According to energy healers, this stone has an angelic resonance. A bedroom with this stone can create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Many consider it the stone of peace. It is known to calm the mind and lift the spirits.


Selenite, a calming and peaceful stone, is great for meditation. You can use this beautiful, white crystal to purify your stones’ energy. Clear any space or stone that is displaying a duller or less vibrant energy with Selenite’s light energy. To purify your stones and jewelry, use a ruler, large Selenite stick or a bowl. You can store a Selenite tower in a room until it is fully recharged. Selenite, also known as “liquid light”, is a symbol of calm and clarity.


Rose Quartz is considered to be the stone that symbolizes love. However, this crystal is more than just romantic love. This quartz facilitates love entering your life. This quartz helps you forgive, understand, and see things from a new perspective. Rose Quartz’s healing properties will give you the wisdom to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Rose Quartz is also a powerful support for the psyche. It allows you to let go of your lost love and prevents you from being afraid of new disappointments. This powerful stone is a source of unconditional love, infinite peace and compassion, joy and joy. It helps you love yourself, encourages self-forgiveness, and accepts you.


Blue Lace Agate, a stone of communication, aids those who have trouble hearing others or need confidence to express their truths with conviction. It gives clarity of thought and unwavering determination in what is most important. This gentle crystal will increase your communication skills, particularly with the thoughts and feelings you receive from your higher self. This nurturing and soothing stone is a great emotional healer and will help you feel calm and peaceful.


Howlite is one the “attunement rocks” that connect you to higher spiritual consciousness. This beautiful, soothing and protective stone is believed to lower anxiety, tensions, and stress. Howlite can be used to increase awareness, emotional expression, and help with stress, pain, and/or rage elimination. This stone helps you to set your goals and achieve them. This stone helps people overcome addictions and overthink. Howlite improves memory and stimulates the desire for knowledge. It also teaches patience.


Lepidolite is a nurturing and soft energy that encourages us to love ourselves. It is believed to bring calmness and reduce dependency on others in order to improve emotional well-being. Lepidolite, which is associated with the Crown and Heart chakras, is believed to help heal relationships. It is a stone of transformation and helps you make positive changes in your life. It boosts trust and confidence while reducing stress and anxiety. It is believed to help reduce sleep disorders and insomnia, balance emotions, and promote inner peace.