Chakra Test

Are your Chakra’s imbalanced?

Absorbing your life, it’s hard to know where to begin. Emotions and abilities aren’t as black and white as we like to believe. If you’re unsure of whether you need to work on your Chakras to attain that inner tranquillity or unsure of where to begin, the following series of questionnaires can work for you.

Honesty is key. As you work your way through the questions, remember to be as truthful and considerate with yourself as possible. Even if that means spending a couple of minutes really focusing on your answer, then go for it.

For each of your Chakra’s there will be 7 different sets of questions.

From your Root to your Crown. Each set will identify whether your Chakra is balanced or could do with a little bit of work. All sets must be completed so we can work out which needs the most work and this will be your starting point. Don’t worry too much for now if the questionnaire says your Chakras are imbalanced; we have all the advice you need for perfect rebalancing.

Take the Chakra Test

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