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Chakra Balancing

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Balancing and Cleansing Our Chakras

Alignment of our Chakras is key to a happy and healthy existence. If our Chakras become imbalanced, this can lead to negative energy such as tiredness, jealousy or loneliness becoming increasingly apparent.

Learning to recognise which of our Chakras are imbalanced, helps us focus on different parts of our body, depending on the placement of that Chakra.  Equally, our physical feelings – such as a stomach upset or low libido – can help us identify which of our Chakras needs that extra attention.

Working on our physical health can create the balance we are looking for.  By working on our physical health, we don’t necessarily mean heading out to the gym four times per week or surviving on only steamed vegetables for the rest of our lives. Lucky for us, there’s lots of different ways we can improve our Chakras through physical well-being.


Even if it just means turning to YouTube, Yoga poses are our best friend when it comes to balancing our Chakras. Each Chakra can be linked to a variety of different poses and taking time out to practise those poses will get those Chakras in line.


When it comes to our Chakras, meditation is about controlling the flow of energy that runs through them. Find a calm, peaceful place where you can spare time to focus on each of your Chakras in turn and visualise their colours running through your body.

Breathing Exercises

Closely linked to meditation, focusing on your breathing is a great way to balance your Chakras. This can be done while meditating but if you don’t have as much free time, you can also achieve breathing exercises can whilst going about your day to day life. Focus on inhaling and exhaling whilst taking the train home from work or even while washing the dishes.


Tapping does what it says on the tin. After learning which of your Chakras are imbalanced and where they are placed on your body, tap in gentle and rhythmic motions with your fingertips around those areas. This helps your healing energy focus on the right spot.


Just like Chakra Colours, different foods are linked to each of our Chakras. After identifying which Chakra needs attention, focus on consuming nutrition linked to that Chakra. Our Root Chakra needs root vegetables and protein to balance, whereas our Heart Chakra requires leafy greens and spices. Find out more in our Chakra Diet article.