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Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Root Chakra Position

Between the anus and genitals

Root Chakra Colour


Root Chakra Meaning

It represents basic trust and grounding

Root Chakra Physical Associations

Legs and Feet: The root chakra governs the physical health and well-being of the legs, feet, knees, bones, and skeletal system.

Stability and Balance: This chakra is closely related to a sense of stability, grounding, and physical security. It provides a foundation for physical and emotional well-being.

Survival Instincts: The root chakra is associated with our primal survival instincts and the fight-or-flight response. It influences our sense of safety, security, and our ability to meet our basic survival needs.

Physical Energy and Vitality: It is connected to our physical energy, stamina, and overall vitality. A balanced root chakra supports good physical health and strength.

Sexual Health and Reproduction: The root chakra is associated with sexual energy, fertility, and reproductive health.

Elimination: It is linked to the elimination process in the body, including bowel movements and the excretory system.

Blood and Circulation: The root chakra influences the blood and circulatory system, supporting healthy blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

Symptoms of a blocked Root Chakra

It is usually blocked by fear or trauma.Anxiety, panic attacks, worry, overthinking, nightmares and depression

Unblocking the Root Chakra

As the root chakra unblocks you may feel warm sensations in different parts of the body.