The best way to start…is just to start ✅

Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash This title gleefully and gratefully stolen from the lovely and wonderful Alexandra Franzen. It was written about newsletters (ooh apropos) but really can be applied to anything, can’t it? I’m working through some of the materials for Magic May and I’m coming to realize that lately a lot of […]

What is no longer working

What is no longer working? What will you do to free yourself? For me, I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging in the last year and a half. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing a live weekly show and within that I’ve been able to say my peace, maybe it’s because of the Cardslingers […]

I am feeling…

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash Yesterday I woke up with a full-on migraine. I don’t get migraines very often, but my husband gets both migraines and cluster headaches… so he’s well-versed in what to do. Calling in sick to work wasn’t an option, what with remote working and a tight deadline, so he instructed […]

OMG I was SO jealous!

Pile of clean laundry on one side, metal mermaid sign on another… working from the couch is peak pandemic life Every time Melissa Cynova puts out a newsletter, I become green with envy. She has a way, a style, a je ne sais quoi to her voice. It sounds effortless. And she puts one out […]

You’re right: the energy is intense right now!

Photo by Reina Lovefull on Unsplash Now that Nanowrimo is over, I never want to write again. OK, not really. But I’m taking a break. This year was my fifth Nanowrimo and my third win, clocking 50,330 words in November. I kept on saying that November was for writing, and December was for editing, but now? I take […]

Twos – Duality

Two of Cups – Duality Twos are always a representation of duality and opposing forces. I ask myself why did I draw this card? It’s not really difficult for me to figure out that this duality is present in my life right now. I’m feeling somewhat torn bewteen wanting to hang on to my old […]

Is Tarot Haram?

Tarot, generally can be quite contentious through religions, especially Abrahamic religions. The question as to whether Tarot is Good or Evil comes up quite a lot. Some view any form of divination as abhorrent, others see it more of a game, nothing to be taken seriously. Some religions have a core concept of what is […]