Best Crystals for Courage and Strength

brown wooden blocks on white table

We need to find our inner strength and power in the face of this current global climate. There are many things that have been taken from us recently, and it is not helping. We can find our strength even when we face all of the difficulties and challenges we are facing. Crystals can be an amazing tool […]

The Best Crystals for Beginners

It can be overwhelming to learn about crystal healing. There are so many varieties of minerals and crystals out there. This can make it harder to find the right crystal for you. We are often asked what crystals are best for beginners to start crystal healing. These crystals will brighten your collection, no matter if you’re […]

Best crystals for meditation

blue and silver ball on black sand

The use of healing crystals for meditation can be very powerful. They can help to increase the power and meanings of your mantras and intentions. Each crystal is unique and has its own energy, healing properties and can help you bring the positive vibes into your life. Some stones can help us connect to our Crown chakra, […]

Best crystals for Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

Mercury is the planet that rules communication. Mercury Retrograde can distort or alter simple acts of communication and common sense. Stop trying to start new projects and instead re-examine what is currently happening in your life. Mercury Retrograde has many undesirable effects on us. Stress and conflict often occur. It is difficult to understand others, […]

Best Healing Crystals for Sleep and Relaxation

We don’t get enough sleep and this affects all aspects of our lives. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), lists a number of health conditions that can be influenced by sleep. We become more irritable, less focused, overwhelmed, and depressed if we don’t get enough rest. The earth has given us Healing Stones which emit frequencies that help […]